Monday, July 30, 2007

anime updates

and now, for the long over due updates!

beck: mongolian chop squad

still can't get over koyuki's rendition of the beatles classic I' VE GOT A FEELING.

the anime started out slow and bored me until the middle part. it's a really good thing that i did not give up on it. i think how the anime ended was "right". because that's what happens in real life anyway.

death note- major spoilers

i love love love death note! the art is fantastic. the plot is not very new but because of the anime's fast pace and the believable characters, i got hooked- until i got to the part where L dies.

the anime should have ended with L's death. new characters are introduced and the story becomes cheesy and the pace slowed big time. it redeems itself with its last few episodes.

raito dies in the end. i hate the manga ending. some people thinks it's how he should die considering the things he did but i believe raito didn't deserve to die that way. he was already defeated, and that was enough.

the anime ending is way better.

i love raito's character. he starts out as a normal student and then becomes a self righteous person who thinks he's god. but despite his incredible way of calculating how things will turn out and unbelievably strong will to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, he's still very human.

if you haven't watched or read death note yet, i suggest you search the net for websites with free anime/ manga downloads and read/ watch it now!

Monday, July 2, 2007

moonlane gardens

what is wrong with our bands today?! after rico blanco, si clem castro ng orange and lemons naman ngayon!

why? why?! WHY!

bakit iiwan ng idol ko ang banda nya?! huhuhu!