Sunday, April 27, 2008

newly empowered

i'm so lucky i was sent to cebu for counter selling training.
our facilitators were very effective and i learned a lot. i never knew that before you become a good sales person, you have to be comfortable with yourself, you have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses; not just as a sales person but as an individual, and if you have doubts in your abilities, clients can smell those doubts and that will affect your effectivity/productivity as a sales person.
what's good about the training was it's not only about selling. it was also about self awareness and personality development.
because of the training i was able to think about what i like and i don't like about myself. through the video exercises, i was able to see how i look when i walk and talk and interact with other people. i'll be able to improve my unlikeable habits when speaking, minimize my hand gestures if necessary, change my tone of voice, etc.
the activity was also a self- esteem booster. after the activities, we were given feedback by the facilitator. and so far, the feedbacks they gave me were good and although i did not win in the individual selling activity, our team even won a prize for the group selling activity. happy happy!
now i'm back to work. i'm very proud of myself and i feel empowered.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

alive forever more

for those who are interested, i'm still alive.

i have a new job which i am very much enjoying because aside from the relatively stress free work environment, i learn new things and i get to be with one of my closest college friends.

i'm also very much outdated with what's happening in the naruto world. the last manga chapter i read was 390, i think- the one where sasuke and itachi were killing eachother.

i haven't talked with ice in ages. next pay day i am going to buy a phone card so i can call her. i haven't seen iroll since the kapatagan trip- pictures to follow.

i barely have a social life because i have to work on weekends and i hate staying up late.

i started a happy moments journal but i haven't written anything on it since april 16th- not because i don't have happy moments but because i'm too lazy to write.

i'm crazy in love with gael garcia bernal after watching el crimen el padre amaro. i searched all the video shops i know of for y tu mama tambien and succeeded. i watched the movie 6 times in 4 days. i swear i am going to name my first child after gael garcia bernal.

i finished the japanese drama entitled 1 litre of tears. it's a good watch and it's not entitled 1 litre of tears for no reason.

i'm trying to finish haibane renmei, a 13 episode anime created by yoshitoshi abe. he's the person responsible for niea under seven, a very briliant but under rated series. that reminds me, after watching haibane renmei, i should watch niea under seven again.

i have a new pair of glasses. rimless frame c/o my father. i like it because it's light but i have to put on eye make up because the lenses are so clear they makes my racoon visible.

i'm going to cebu tomorrow and i'll be back on wednesday. it's an official business trip. i haven't prepared clothes yet. just thinking about packing makes me tired. hahay.