Tuesday, May 29, 2007

death note

Yagami Raito, a top-ranking high school kid, is spacing out one day at school when he notices a weird notebook lying on the school yard, entitled "death note". It looks like some prank from a sick individual, since it's telling that if you write the name of a certain person in it while having his/her face in ones mind, that person will die, anyway and anytime you like it to happen. Even if it looks like a trick, Raito sees it as a real thing.

His last doubts are gone when one day he finds a hideous monster in his own room: a real god of death, a shinigami called Ryuuku that claims the death note was once his but now acts as a special bond between him and Raito. With the death note, Raito has the power to kill without breaking a sweat and he decides to use his power to protect the innocent and kill all the brutal criminals in this world and to be truly a human god. But then he gets over his first kills and the whole world wakes up and realizes that something is happening and things start to get out of hand...


i watched death note's first episode because my friend digi kept on insisting that i should. he has not yet watched the whole episode but he kept on telling me that the story was cool and the animation was awesome. how he knew that death note's story was good without even watching the first episode, i have no idea.

anyway, i'm getting tired of honey and clover because nothing much happens and i'm getting bored and i'm really not into shojou so i gave death note a try.

so far, i like the animation. i like how the characters look. and the dark/ gothic, witch hunter robin like vibe is cool. i checked out the manga and the artwork is even better.

the plot is not new at all: a boy who wants to rid the earth of all evil but whose means is morally questionable. the end justifies the means type. we saw it in yuu yuu hakusho's sensui shinobu already and a number of other anime series. i'm kind curious how the story will develop. since i've only watched the 1st anime episode and read the 1st chapter. i'm eager to know what would make this series different and what other anime reviewers are raving about.

i've been downloading DN's other episodes and manga chapters here in the office since the internet here is faster.hehe. it will be done before the day ends today. i'll be able to watch episode 2 tonight and read the other manga chapters tomorrow. i can't wait!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3- 5- 4

hebi goes to a department store run by cats to get their very own uniform.

konoha organizes an itsuki search team.

everybody wants itachi.

it's getting boring. when are they going to fight?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


ako ay kasalukuyang nababaliw sa FISH TYCOON!

hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili ko sa pagcheck ng mga isda ko every minute. punyemas! ano ba to?! kahit sa trabaho mga isda ko parin ang iniisip ko!

waaahhh! naka apat na beses na kong tumawag sa kapatid ko sa bahay para icheck kung ano na nangyari sa mga isda ko!!

nasisiraan na ako ng baiiiiit!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

jolly bee

another macro photo attempt.

i never thought it's sooo hard to take a picture of a bee. pag lumalapit ako, lumilipat ng flower! buti nalang nakatsamba.

taken outside our house. cropped with photoshop.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

the OD

i went to the doctor last monday and found out that i had asthma. i've been coughing on an off for two to three weeks already. i tried taking mucosulvan (tama ba spelling?) but didn't work so i decided to go to the doctor.

when i told the doctor that my coughing occurs at night, he told me that i have allergic cough/ asthma. i didn't want to believe him so i asked if he's sure. he told me he is. so he gave me celestamine and salbutamol.

two hours after i took the medicines, nanginig ang mga kamay ko. i thought that was because of the anti allergy. na od pala ako ng salbutamol. haha. i stopped taking the meds. baka mamatay pako.hehe. i'll call my doctor this afternoon to tell him i know how it feels to be oded.haha


i called my doctor and he told me that most people feel that kind of side effect- shaking and palpitations. he advised me to cut the tablet in half to lessen the side effect.