Thursday, March 29, 2007

ugly teeth chapter 347

so sasuke defeats orochimaru and then calls this naked boy with ugly teeth.

what's with his teeth? does he use his teeth in combat? is he related to that akatsuki shark man?

i'm getting bored with the manga already.

i hope something exciting comes up. soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hit in america

i love collecting anime series. i have a bad habit of keeping my anime cd collection in a cabinet and then forgetting about it.

i realized last saturday while trying to organize my cd collection that i still have about 4- 5 series to watch. i decided to watch BECK. it's about koyuki a normal boy who lives a boring life until he meets ryusuke and gets introduced to rock music.

i'm on episode 11. the manga review was good. i get my reviews at (in fairness to pointblank, their reviews have not let me down) i thought the anime would be good too. unfortunately, it's pace is too slow for my taste. but the weird thing is, i can't stop watching.

i'll be another watching 3- 4 episodes tonight. i'm willing to risk permanent brain damage just to find out what happens to BECK and its members. haha

Thursday, March 22, 2007

deviantart attack

i've been a deviantart member and appreciator since 2004. i can' t remember how i stumbled upon the art sharing community but i'm very happy i was able to discover it. for 3 years, i've been browsing, appreciating, and downloading anime fanarts and photographs from deviant art. it's about time that i share my favorites to you!

since i'm naruto/ bleach crazy these past few months, most of the artworks that i will be sharing are fanarts from naruto and bleach. and i'm sooo loooving macro photos of fruits and flowers, so expect fruity and floral photos.haha

i hope you enjoy them.

here's my first share:

NARUTO: hakuu by ~xDplushie on deviantART

i've never liked hakuu from naruto. can't relate with his sentiments. but this fanart is soooo good that i'm willing to forget that hakuu was such a wussy. sorry hakuu fans. hehe

try to check out xDplushie's deviantart gallery i'm sure you'll find more goodies there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

cebu? b?

i finally bought plane tickets for eyad, my sister tisha, and myself. we're going to bohol but we have to take a plane to cebu and then a boat to bohol. i've never been to visayas. i'm really excited.

tuloy na tuloy na talaga kami!

Monday, March 19, 2007


i still can't get over 300. it's been two weeks since i watched it. it's eye candy and the action sequences were excellent.

i did some googling and found out that the movie was closely based on the battle of thermopylae. o diba, historical!hehe. pero bonus nalang yung historical accuracy. i watched the movie for the fight scenes and i was not disappointed. it's worth every centavo. AWOO AWOO!

Friday, March 16, 2007



like the new template or do you like the old pink one better? please tell me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

naruto chapter 345

could it be?

could orochimaru's soul transfer be a success?

who's that gay looking guy who walked out of the room?

is that sasuke or is that orchimaru?

Thursday, March 8, 2007


it's eyad's birthday!!!

i love you!

Monday, March 5, 2007

chapter 344

naruto chapter 344.

sasuke's attempt to kill orochimaru.

you are nothing but a second rate, trying hard copycat! and because of that i will kill you!

flashback sasuke and itachi

**stare stare stare**

i am soooo great and you are only a sampid!!! i will destroy you!

orochimaru becomes as snake. *Gasp!*
flashback sandaime and orochimaru

sasuke stares at orochimaru
orochimaru stares at sasuke

to be continued...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

wala lang

read naruto chapter 343 last monday. wala lang. sasuke's uber strong and looks like he wants to kill orochimaru. so what. i hate sasuke and orochimaru. masunog sana sila.hehe

neji- chan, nasan ka?!!!!

post valentine's date- part 3

after lunch, we visited the butterfly house. it's near crocodile park. i really had a great time there, medyo kadiri (hehe), pero it's all good.

i also had a chance to watch a butterfly emerging from its cocoon and then dry its wings. it was too late when i realized that i should have taken some snapshots of it. stupid me. hahay.

anyway, here are some of the photos i managed to take:

wala lang. newly "hatched" butterfly with its wings dried already.

urge to merge- how many times in your life have you seen butterflies mating? ha? sige nga!

the little insects fly away if you get too near. kaya blurred.

eyad watching butterflies mate.hehe.

acting na acting. candid daw.hehehe